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Tin Toy


Tin Toy

The 1960’s was a time ripe for innovations and advancements in a wide array of life areas. From the civil rights movements to entertainment, America was never the same after this decade. One way that this time defined itself was in the toys. These toys today go far beyond nostalgia and often to profitability, especially when it comes to the Tin Toy novelties of the decade.

Sixties toys were unique and fun.  Though they are known as part of the sixties toys innovations, tin toys actually began gaining in prominence during the 1940’s. These small creations were made of thin tin that was often formed to look like an animal or a person. They were painted on the outside in order that the Tin Toy would look more realistic and have some color to entice children’s imaginations. Included on many were mechanical elements that would make the toy move or waddle, in the case of the popular Tin Toy duck creation.

If you are looking to decorate your room in sixties or mod motif, you may want to place these unique tin toy creations around your room. A tin toy can be found at online auction sites and, possibly, in your attic. Look around your home or ask relatives whether or not they have any of these unique remnants from a decade passed.

There are also unique stores across the country that focus on selling unique sixties toys and other motif. These stores can be a great resource if you are looking for toys from the decade or the home décor that defined the era. Try an online search to see if you can find one of these vintage toy dealers in your era. You may find that you find more than just a tin toy for your collection but also a whole new design direction.

One way to decorate a room in that sixties toys feel is by placing a display of the tin toy creations described above. A single tin toy can serve as a focal point on a shelf or a discussion piece for your party or events. Try also creating a display with several of these tin toy creations from the era.

Also, incorporate more than just a singular tin toy for a complete decorative motif. Try looking also for vintage board games and wooden toys from the era as well. These can be found at the same places that frequent in collecting other sixties toys like the tin toy locations mentioned above. If you are decorating a more masculine based room but still want the sixties toys feel, move beyond the tin toy and look for Gi Joe figurines you may have stashed away.